Welcome to the home of WebCrash.

Here at the WebCrash website, you will find information about gaining access to WebCrash and troubleshooting for common problems. There is also a selection of regular road crash reports produced by the Data Analysis Unit that you might find useful.

About WebCrash

WebCrash is an on-line database that allows you to access information about crashes that have occurred on Queensland roads since 1992. Queensland Transport has collated this information since 1986 with the assistance of the Queensland Police Service.

WebCrash provides the tools for analysing road crashes in Queensland. This data allows road safety planners throughout Queensland to tailor road safety initiatives for local communities.

WebCrash allows you fast access to reliable road crash data from your own computer. All processing including data retrieval and report presentation is performed on Queensland Transport's web server. This means you receive reports quickly and your computer network is not slowed down.

Queensland Transport manages data security using log-ins and passwords. This ensures only trusted users are able to access the information.

Who should use WebCrash?

  • Local governments
  • State government departments
  • Road safety groups
  • Research organisations
  • Universities

  • For more information, contact Queensland Transport's Data Analysis Unit.