WebCrash System Requirements

Checklist of software to install

Below is a list of applications which will need to be installed for WebCrash to run. Please pass this on to your IT support.

  • Adobe SVG Viewer version 3.01 Build 81 or later
  • Internet Explorer V6.0.2800 or later
  • Java Scripting should be turned on in Internet Explorer (under Security Settings)
  • Latest Microsoft update patches for Internet Explorer, which include Q328970, Q324929, Q811383, Q330994, Q818529, Q822925, Q828750, Q832894, Q831167, Q837009, Q823353, and Q871260.

  • To download Acrobat Reader, SVG Viewer, or Microsoft Windows updates, please select as follows:

    For Acrobat Reader and SVG viewer, visit www.adobe.com.

    For Microsoft downloads, visit www.microsoft.com.